CNC Router Manufacturer in China

Jinan Sudiao CNC Router Company, Ltd. is a China based manufacturer of CNC router, laser cutting machine, and engraving machinery established in 2006. We offer numerous types of equipment for use in a variety of fields. For example, our ATC woodworking process center and furniture engraving machine are ideal for use on wood, MDF, PVC, acrylic, and many other materials. Our stone CNC router is ideal for cutting and engraving marble, granite, metal, and glass materials. The advertising CNC router is best for the making and processing of advertising boards, models, gifts, and so on. Our laser cutting and engraving machine is perfect for use in the leather, rubber, paper cut, gift, textile, and wood packaging industries.

    1. SD-M25 ATC Woodworking Process Center
    2. SD-M25 ATC Woodworking Process CenterThe ATC spindle comes with a CLOAK tools storeroom.
      The ATC woodworking process center is equipped with a Taiwan H30 linear orbits with high precision.
      YASKAWA SERVO motor is utilized for equipment driving.
    1. SD-1631 Horizontal Process Center
    2. SD-1631 Horizontal Process CenterDouble-station, double-table, double spindle, double ATC tools library. Heavy structure design, horizontal type moving table.
      Two spindles can work at the same time or alone. It can improve the working efficiency two times.
    1. SD-1325A Door CNC Router
    2. SD-1325A Door CNC Router It uses a DSP numerical control system which comes with USB interface.
      A 5.5kw vacuum pump allows the CNC router to clamp workpiece by suction.
      The equipment has breakpoint memory function and can keep 9 breakpoints.
    1. SD-6026 5-axis Polyfoam CNC Router
    2. SD-6026 5-axis Polyfoam CNC RouterAdopt European OSAI controller system, powerful functions, easy to operate, high accuracy.
      Z axis can reach to 2.1m, can process big breadth, fit for huge three-dimensional curved surface engraving.
      Automatically protection for slopping over, can avoid the machine colliding when the design files too big.
    1. SD-6090/1300 Column CNC Router
    2. SD-6090/1300 Column CNC RouterThe column CNC router is designed with a rotary equipment, which allows it to engraving on column and rectangular workpiece.
      When the rotary equipment is removed, the CNC router can work the same as traditional CNC routers to ...
    1. SD-1224 CNC Router with 4 heads for one column
    2. SD-1224 CNC Router with 4 heads for one columnSD-1224 CNC router is designed with 4 machine heads on one column. The four machine heads can work synchronously, which ensures high working efficiency.
      The distance between the 4 heads is adjustable, so this multi-head CNC router can be used to process ...
    1. SD-1325 Stone CNC Router
    2. SD-1325 Stone CNC RouterWith breakpoint memory function and 9 breakpoints memory capacity, the stone CNC router can continue the interrupted work after power off and equipment breakdown, etc.
      Equipped with a slider, the equipment allows users to move heavy materials easily.
    1. SD-1325 Laser Flat Bed
    2. SD-1325 Laser Flat BedWorking area: 1300mm×2500mm
      Whole machine size: 3250×1800×1000mm
      Compatible software: CorelDraw, AutoCAD, Photoshop ...

We have four CNC router production workshops and two laser machine production workshops which are equipped with high-tech production equipment, such as our high performance CNC machine tools, and are operated in strict conformation with ISO9001. In order to ensure the high performance and long service life of our exceptional products, we equip each multi-head CNC router, furniture engraving machine, and all our other machines with Germany's slide blocks and vacuum adsorption system, Japan's servo drive system, and Italy's air cooled spindle and automatic tool changer. The use of these superior systems ensures the top performance of our CNC machines, which are CE certified. Furthermore, we employ specialized personnel for equipment assembly, and tests are performed on each piece of equipment before delivery. Therefore, our clients can rest assured that they will receive only qualified CNC routers, and laser cutting and engraving machines.

For customer convenience, we include an operation manual and videos with each shipment so our clients can become adept at operating their new machines. Each CNC router and laser engraving machine comes with a one year warranty, during which equipment installation, technical support, and spare parts replacement services are available. We also provide worn replacement part service at cost price. Customized products are available as well.

Because Sudiao is located in Jinan, near Qingdao Port, we have easy access to a variety of types of transportation. This enables us to reduce shipping costs for us as well as our clients. Currently, we have branches and distributors throughout China and sales agents in eighteen countries around the world. Our ATC woodworking process center, laser engraver, and other related products are now exported to places all around the globe including Germany, the United States, Britain, France, Canada, Russia, Portugal, Holland, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, India, and others.
If you have an interest in our CNC machine and laser machine products, please contact us. The staff at Sudiao looks forward to working with you.