Door CNC Router

    1. SD-M25 Door CNC RouterThis is a new type woodworking CNC router which is welded using high strength square steel tubes.
      The equipment offers an idle speed as high as 30m/s.
      Utilizing advanced embedded DSP numerical control system and handle operation, the door CNC router ...
    1. SD-1325A Door CNC Router It uses a DSP numerical control system which comes with USB interface.
      A 5.5kw vacuum pump allows the CNC router to clamp workpiece by suction.
      The equipment has breakpoint memory function and can keep 9 breakpoints.
    1. SD-1325B Door CNC RouterDesigned with water cooling spindle, the SD-1325B door CNC router features low noise, reliable performances and long lifetime.
      Welded using thickened square tubes, the machine has high structure strength and will not distorted easily.

Our door CNC router can be used for 24-hour continuous processing of nonmetallic and metallic plates. It can meet high-end customers' demands on high standard, high requirement and high degree of automation.

Advantages and Characteristics
1. This door CNC router is equipped with an imported linear square orbits, and double-row four-line ball slider, which ensure large bearing capacity, steady operation, high precision, and long service life. Imported ballscrew comes with high precision, ensuring accurate engraving.
2. Operate on USB interface type DSP operating system, the door CNC router can operate without computers. Handle type operation makes the equipment operation simple and user friendly.
3. Based on unique intelligent budgeting rules, the CNC router can make the best use of its electrical motor and achieve high speed engraving. It can achieve synchronized straight and curved line engraving, and can also achieve auto start and stop of the cutting spindle without occupying computer's memory.
4. Our door CNC router comes with good compatibility with various types of design software, such as artengraver, artcam, ucancamV9, and type3, etc.
5. Designed with a six-section vacuum absorption worktable, the equipment can adjust vacuum adsorption operation according to workpiece size. The utilization of imported oilless vacuum pump ensures convenient operation even in winters, which eliminates the water-filling problem for water cycling vacuum pumps.
6. The door CNC router is equipped with high speed step motors and drives to ensure high drive power. Driven by dual-motor, the Y axis can offer a high idle speed of 25m/second. This, coupled with high speed cutting spindle, can greatly improve cutting and engraving speed.
7. With complete lubrication system, the CNC router is provided with long service life.

Sudiao is a specialized door CNC router manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer various types of products such as polyfoam CNC router, advertising CNC router, foam carving CNC router, and ATC woodworking process center.

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