Column CNC Router
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Column CNC Router

Advantages of Column CNC Router, SD-6090/1300
1. The working area, rotary diameter and up and down movement of worktable can be manufactured according to customers' demands.
2. The column CNC router is designed with a rotary equipment, which allows it to engraving on column and rectangular workpiece.
3. When the rotary equipment is removed, the CNC router can work the same as traditional CNC routers to engrave on sheet type workpiece and more.
4. Welded cast steel structure and powerful water cooling spindle guarantee high precision and long equipment lifetime.

Technical Parameters of Column CNC Router, SD-6090/1300

X Y working area 80×230mm
Machine size 600×900mm
Z working area 100mm
Table structure Aluminium
X-Y-Z structure Ballscrew drive
Self-consuming Power 400w
Spindle power 2.2kw water-cooling spindle
operating voltage AC220V/50HZ, 2-Phase
Drive motors Drive motors
Working delicacy 0.005mm
Repositioning accuracy 0.025mm
Max Idling speed 4-5.5m/min
Max working speed 2-3m/min
speed of principal axis 0-24000r/s
Command code G code

The Column CNC router includes a square orbits, ballscrew drive, 2.2kw (imported bearing) water-cooling spindle with frequency conversion function, 20 cutters (φ3.175, φ4, φ6), and 3 collets.

Sudiao is a specialized column CNC router manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company offers a vast range of products, including advertising CNC router, classical furniture CNC router, multi-head CNC router, foam carving CNC router, and stone CNC router, among others.

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