Furniture Engraving Machine

    1. SD-6015 Classical Furniture CNC RouterThe classical furniture CNC router comes with cast steel structure which comes with high strength. It is designed with all round orbits, ballscrew drive, a 2.2 Kw water-cooling spindle, 20 cutters (φ3.175, φ4, φ6), and 3 collets.
    1. SD-6090/1300 Column CNC RouterThe column CNC router is designed with a rotary equipment, which allows it to engraving on column and rectangular workpiece.
      When the rotary equipment is removed, the CNC router can work the same as traditional CNC routers to ...

Our furniture engraving machine is designed for three dimensional embossment engraving on rosewood and other types wood furniture. It comes with high precision, high speed, and can meet users' varied demands.

1. Gantry movement and whole-cast machine body ensure high strength of the engraving machine. There is no deformation after long term use, and the positioning precision is high.
2. The machine operates on DSP control system. With breakpoint memory function, the furniture engraving machine can continue interrupted engraving automatically, which ensures high efficiency and low waste.
3. Germany made screw, original nuts, and imported linear square orbits are utilized.
4. This furniture engraving machine is equipped with a highly advanced frequency converter and a water-cooling spindle motor which is assembled using imported parts. This ensures low noise, long equipment service life, and low maintenance.

Sudiao is a professional furniture engraving machine manufacturer in China. Our company provides a comprehensive range of products, including door CNC router, foam carving CNC router, advertising CNC router, laser flat bed, stone CNC router, laser stamp engraving machine, and others.

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