Wood CNC Router

We at Sudiao can offer a wide variety of wood CNC routers, such as door CNC router, polyfoam CNC router, furniture engraving machine, foam carving CNC router and other specially designed multi-head CNC router.

Our wood CNC routers are designed and manufactured for high-end customers who pursue for high standard, high demanding, and high degree of automation. They are ideal for furniture decoration, woodwork processing and musical instrument making, etc.

Sudiao is a professional wood CNC router manufacturer and supplier in China. Apart from wood CNC router, we also offer advertising CNC router, CNC router and laser engraver, stone CNC router, and laser machine.

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Other Products
    1. SD-3030 Advertising CNC RouterSD-3030 advertising CNC router is designed with small working area, so as to create smart engraved workpiece. It can be acquired at competitive prices ...
    1. SD-6060 Advertising CNC RouterThe X axis of the advertising CNC router comes in dustproof structure. With imported ballscrew drive, the equipment offers high precision performance.
    1. SD-1825 Stone CNC RouterSD-1825 stone CNC router offers working size at 1800×2500×200mm.
      The stone CNC router comes with three independent machine heads which can work ...
    1. SD-450 Laser Cutting and Engraving MachineModel: SD-450
      Working area: 400×500mm
      Whole machine size: 1120x1020x1100mm
      Cooling mode: Water-cooling and protection system ...