Advertising CNC Router
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Advertising CNC Router

SD-3030 advertising CNC router is designed with small working area, so as to create smart engraved workpiece. It can be acquired at competitive prices and has found applications in variety of industries.

The X axis of the advertising CNC router comes in dustproof structure. With imported ballscrew drive, the equipment offers high precision performance.

Technical Parameters of Advertising CNC Router, SD-3030

X-Y-Z axis working area 300×300×80mm
Machine size 420×550mm
X-Y-Z movement All round orbits, ballscrew drive
Max. speed 10m/min
Max. cutting speed 8m/min
Spindle 800w water-cooling spindle, 24,000rpm
Drive motors Stepper
Working precision 0.005mm
Repositioning accuracy 0.025mm
Working voltage AC220V/50HZ, 2-Phase
Command code G code
Computer interface USB 2.0
Collet 3.175mm, 4mm, 6mm
Software UcancamV9/artengraver/TYPE3/ARTCAM software
Controls DSP/mach3 controller
Packing dimensions 800×800×800mm, 80kgs
Collets and cutters 20 cutters(φ3.175, φ4, φ6), 3 collets

Sudiao is a China advertising CNC router manufacturer and supplier. In addition, we provide stone CNC router, laser machine, CNC router and laser engraver, classical furniture CNC router, multi-head CNC router, and door CNC router, among others.

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