Stone CNC Router

Our stone CNC router is mainly used for engraving on high hardness materials, such as marble, granite, glass, plastics, metal, etc.

Feature of Stone CNC Router
1. Designed with cast steel structure, and lining steel plate for worktable, the stone CNC router features high strength and has no distortion and invariant while being used for engraving heavy stone workpiece.
2. Y axis adopts double-motor for driving, so the CNC router comes with high working strength and precision.
3. High precision rack gear transmission ensures high accuracy, fast speed and strong power.
4. Equipped with a 3kw constant power water cooling spindle, the stone CNC router is provided with powerful cutting capacity.
5. Designed with water tank and water cooling system with double water pumps, the equipment is ideal for stone work.
6. Overall dust proof and water proof design ensure long equipment service life and easy cleaning.
7. The stone CNC router has breakpoint memory function. It can keep 9 breakpoints, so it can continue to do the interrupted engraving work caused by power-off or broken cutter problems, etc.
8. A slider is available to make heavy material move easy.

Sudiao is a professional stone CNC router manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer an extensive line of products, including an ATC woodworking process center, laser flat bed, advertising CNC router, laser stamp engraving machine, and much more.

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