Laser Flat Bed

    1. SD-1318 Laser Flat BedWorking area: 1300mm×1800mm
      Whole machine size: 2250×2600×1000mm
      Laser Type: Sealed CO2, laser tube ...
    1. SD-1325 Laser Flat BedWorking area: 1300mm×2500mm
      Whole machine size: 3250×1800×1000mm
      Laser Type: sealed CO2, laser tube ...

The laser flat bed is designed to meet customers' demands in advertisement, decoration and other related industries. It is combination of a laser cutting machine and a laser engraving machine.

The imported orbits allows the laser flat bed to run steadily. Advanced DSP control system and three-phase motor as well as other high performance components provide the laser equipment good stability, high cutting precision, smooth incision, and high engraving efficiency and speed as well. Meanwhile, the engraving depth can be adjusted automatically. Laser flat bed equipped with servo motor is also optional.

The laser flat bed, with the same function as a laser cutting and engraving machine, is ideal for materials such as acrylic, double-color board, glass, paper, wooden board, MDF, cloth, leather, and so on. It is popular with customers in industries such as advertisement marking, architectural decoration, glass, furniture, wood package, mold, toy and more industries.

As a China-based laser flat bed manufacturer and supplier, Sudiao provides a vast range of products that includes a laser stamp engraving machine, door CNC router, polyfoam CNC router, stone CNC router, and more.

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