About Us

Jinan Sudiao CNC Router Company, Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and international supplier of our superior quality woodworking CNC router, advertising CNC router, laser engraver, and woodworking machine with auto tool changer.

Our company has established several branch offices and distributors throughout China and is a reputable supplier in the domestic market. Sudiao has also placed agents in eighteen countries and regions, and we export our products to such places as: the United States, France, UK, Germany, Canada, Russia, India, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and other locations around the globe.

We at Sudiao have introduced highly developed processing technologies, and are devoted to the research and development of high quality and high performance CNC machines.

Our goal is to meet every client's needs. Thus, we continue to develop innovative machines in this highly competitive field.
We at Sudiao look forward to establishing a friendly and cooperative business relationship with new clients from around the globe. Welcome!

Main Products
    1. SD-M25 ATC Woodworking Process CenterThe ATC spindle comes with a CLOAK tools storeroom.
      The ATC woodworking process center is equipped with a Taiwan H30 linear orbits with high precision.
    1. SD-M25 Door CNC RouterThis is a new type woodworking CNC router which is welded using high strength square steel tubes.
      The equipment offers an idle speed as high as 30m/s.
      Utilizing advanced ...
    1. SD-1325A Door CNC Router It uses a DSP numerical control system which comes with USB interface.
      A 5.5kw vacuum pump allows the CNC router to clamp workpiece by suction.
      The equipment has ...
    1. SD-6090 Advertising CNC RouterSD-6090 advertising CNC router is designed with small working area, so as to create smart engraved workpiece. It can be acquired at competitive prices and ...
    1. SD-1325 Stone CNC RouterWith breakpoint memory function and 9 breakpoints memory capacity, the stone CNC router can continue the interrupted work after power off and equipment breakdown, etc.