As a professional CNC router and laser machine manufacturer and supplier in China, Sudiao can offer CNC router and laser cutting and engraving machines for use in woodworking, stone cutting, advertising and mold making industries. All our products are CE certified, and we are ISO9001 certified. We have also successfully registered our brand name "SUDIAO". If you have any CNC router and laser engraver demand, please feel free to contact us.

Main Products
    1. SD-M25 ATC Woodworking Process CenterThe ATC spindle comes with a CLOAK tools storeroom.
      The ATC woodworking process center is equipped with a Taiwan H30 linear orbits with high precision.
    1. SD-M25 Door CNC RouterThis is a new type woodworking CNC router which is welded using high strength square steel tubes.
      The equipment offers an idle speed as high as 30m/s.
      Utilizing advanced ...
    1. SD-1318 Foam Carving CNC RouterThe engraving speed and idle speed of the CNC router can be separately controlled, which highly increases working efficiency.
      The foam carving CNC ...
    1. SD-6090 Advertising CNC RouterSD-6090 advertising CNC router is designed with small working area, so as to create smart engraved workpiece. It can be acquired at competitive prices and ...
    1. SD-1325 Laser Flat BedWorking area: 1300mm× 2500mm
      Whole machine size: 3250×1800×1000mm
      Compatible software: CorelDraw, AutoCAD, Photoshop ...